Always have a plan.

Routine is the key to optimization and overachieving.

— Clay Harbor

Clay Harbor

Clays mission is to empower and motivate individuals from all walks of life to take control of their lives and transform them into the best possible version of themselves. Clay will use his story of overcoming poverty and achieving success as an NFL player as inspiration, while providing practical advice on how to develop positive habits, cultivate discipline, and optimize one’s lifestyle. He believes that this combination of motivation, knowledge, and support will help people become confident in their own abilities to create positive change in their lives. The ultimate goal is to give everyone the opportunity to rise above their circumstances and reach their highest potential.

The Boston Globe

Clay Harbor is a true professional and very hard worker.

Bill Belichick / Boston Globe
Detroit Lions Logo

Clay Harbor is one of the brightest players I’ve ever coached.

Jim Caldwell / Detroit Lions Head Coach
Jaguars Logo

Clay was a diligent worker that spent as much time in the weight room as anyone I’ve ever coached.

Tom Myslinski / Jaguars Strength & Conditioning Coach

Clay is a great person that lives the life he speaks about. He has great habits and an unbreakable routine. One of the best up and coming speakers around.

Matt Mayberry