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Clay Harbor is a nine year NFL veteran and graduate of Missouri State University with an impressive track record both on and off the field. Having played for coaches such as Bill Belichick and Andy Reid, Clay possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge of football that few others can match. With over 100 NFL games under his belt, Clay has proven himself to be a true leader and team player.

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But it’s not just his skills on the field that make Clay an ideal candidate for any sports media company. With a massive following of 50,000 on Twitter and several viral tweets that have garnered over 1 million views, Clay knows how to connect with fans and build excitement around the game of football.

His expertise on the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Philadelphia Eagles is unparalleled, making him a valuable asset for any organization looking to expand their coverage and reach.

From analyzing game footage to delivering insightful commentary on the latest news and trends in the world of football, Clay has what it takes to succeed in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of sports media. So if you’re looking for a seasoned pro with a passion for the game and a talent for engaging audiences, look no further than Clay Harbor.

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